Angel Doll Puppies Continued

Happy Puppies for a Lifetime


Ginger Randall is retiring from breeding Angel Doll Puppies. This website is transitioning to Ann Wiley. New puppy information: Ann,Wiley @comcast,net


Zoey & Black Jack had 3 girl puppies on 5-20-17

Pup 1 Girl at 3:03am, 4.2oz

Pup 2 Girl at 3:19am, 4.2oz

Pup 3 Girl at 4:26am, 3.9oz

Father of Zoey's Pups and Libby's Pups due 8-18-17 

Zoey & Black Jack's female puppy born 5/20/17

10/17/16 We are 8 weeks old.  We are both leaving this Friday to go to our new homes.  


Snookie - 2# 2oz

Lulu - 2# 7 oz

It sure will be quiet when they leave.  Snookie has learned to back when she needs something. Lulu has learned to growl when she doesn't like something.  They are a pair!

10/3/16 We are 6 weeks old!  We love to play in the day lily bed. Those long strands are fun to run thru and hide in. They are using potty pads 80% of the time.  They do go potty when they are outside. Got their 1st shots yesterday.


Snookie- 1# 11 oz

Lulu - 1# 13 oz

8/29/16  Both pups with Mom.

Eating and sleeping most of the time. 

Welcome! Let me tell you about Angel Doll dogs and about our breeding program.

Lora Childers originated the Angel Doll breed.  She researched and studied several tiny dog breeds and combined AKC purebreds to produce non-shedding, silky soft coats in many colors; large bright eyes with long lashes; big round heads with black ball noses and black lips; and doggy intelligence with a love of human attention and companionship.  With selective breeding she has nearly eliminated bad bites, hip, knee and skin problems and even heart problems.


Zori will probably have tiny puppies in early


Willie  Girl

Born 5-20-17



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8/29/16 Having trouble getting pics from the icloud and my camera. This is Snookie who weighed 10 3/8 oz on Monday.  As soon as I get the rest of the pics they will be up. Thanks Ginger

9/26/16  5 weeks old today.  Both girls weighed the same again this week   1# 10 oz.

They are more awake and active this week. They love chicken and broken pieces of Milk Bone Maro Treats.

9/19/16  We are 4 weeks old.  We both weighed 1# 7 oz.  We are walking all over the pen.  We are eating dry dog food.  We both learned how to wag our tails this week.  We wag when anyone calls us by name.

9/12/16  3 weeks old.  

Lulu (brn/wht)- 1# 3 1/2 oz

Snookie (blk/wht)- 1# 4 oz

9/14/16 - We moved out  the whelping box on to the floor this morning.

We are the exclusive breeders and sellers of Angel Dolls.  You won't find a puppy like yours living on every block on your street.  Angel Dolls are as special as their name, and personality, intelligence, and cuteness factors combine to create a one-of-a-kind puppy and dog for a lifetime of love and playfulness.