Angel Doll Puppies Continued II

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Born 5/20/17

Dottie was going to be one of my breeding dogs; however, her female structure is too small for safe breeding. Dottie is a sweet outgoing puppy that loves everyone. Dottie greatly enjoys playing with other dogs. She loves stuffed toys that squeak.

Libby Puppies Due

Feb 28 to March 3

Raven Future Breeding Dog Born 12/20/17

Zoey & Black Jack's Puppy Born 12/20/17


Father of Zoey's Pups and Libby's Pups due 8-18-17 

Zoey & Black Jack's female puppy born 5/20/17

Welcome! Let me tell you about Angel Doll dogs and about our breeding program.

Lora Childers originated the Angel Doll breed.  She researched and studied several tiny dog breeds and combined AKC purebreds to produce non-shedding, silky soft coats in many colors; large bright eyes with long lashes; big round heads with black ball noses and black lips; and doggy intelligence with a love of human attention and companionship.  With selective breeding she has nearly eliminated bad bites, hip, knee and skin problems and even heart problems.


Zori will probably have tiny puppies in the fall.

Future Breeding Dog Born 8/16/17

Duke Born 4/21/17

We are the exclusive breeders and sellers of Angel Dolls.  You won't find a puppy like yours living on every block on your street.  Angel Dolls are as special as their name, and personality, intelligence, and cuteness factors combine to create a one-of-a-kind puppy and dog for a lifetime of love and playfulness.