Angel Dolls Puppies Continued

Happy Puppies for a Lifetime

For those of you who live close enough to visit. We welcome visitors on most days. We ask that you call ahead the day before in case there is a conflict in scheduling. 913-783-4556

We are 8 weeks old as of 3/24/15.

#1-M & M

3 lbs 1 oz


2 lb 3 oz

#4- Shellie Bean

2 lbs 10 oz

We are eating well and love to play outside. We had a busy weekend with several visitors.

Clover's pups moved out of the whelping box today (2/21).

Rosie's pups are doing well eating dry puppy chow, moistened puppy chow, boiled chicken, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. They are eating well.

We are 10 weeks old today 3/20/15.

Emmitt left for his new home today.

So there are only 3 of us left. Stella leaves us Sunday (3/22)

We had a 1st today (3/21) everybody used potty pads or outside all day.

Thanks for visiting!

Welcome! Let me tell you about Angel Doll dogs and about our breeding program.

My name is Ginger Randall, and as a designer hybrid dog breeder it is my dream to continue the heritage of Angel Dolls - a tiny toy dog that looks and plays like a permanent puppy! I know you want a beautiful puppy and a beautiful dog, and I will do my best to deliver that to you. The best and most important thing to me is personality, and my puppies are personality personified.

Lora Childers originated the Angel Doll breed.  She researched and studied several tiny dog breeds and combined AKC purebreds to produce non-shedding, silky soft coats in many colors; large bright eyes with long lashes; big round heads with black ball noses and black lips; and doggy intelligence with a love of human attention and companionship.  With selective breeding she has nearly eliminated bad bites, hip, knee and skin problems and even heart problems.

After Lora's retirement we became the only breeders of Registered Angel Doll puppies. The Angel Doll hybrid puppies have been registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club since 2003. My facility is outstanding- surpassing the USDA regulations.  We received our Kansas Retail Breeders License this week (10/29/14).  My Angel Doll puppies are loved by my family and have room to run, play, socialize and have the healthiest start to their puppy lives!


HOME: 913-783-4556


We are very busy raising healthy and happy puppies.  This requires a great deal of socialization and care here at Angel Dolls Continued. In order that we can take care of your puppy well, please reserve phone calls for Tuesday through Friday 10am to 2 pm or after 7pm, or e-mail us anytime with a brief message. Be sure to leave your name, number, and a good time to call, and remember to keep your message as concise as possible.  We will call you back as soon as we can tear ourselves away from caring for and playing with these wonderful little dogs and give you the personalized time you deserve.  We love to talk about our puppies.

We are the exclusive breeders and sellers of Angel Dolls.  You won't find a puppy like yours living on every block on your street.  Angel Dolls are as special as their name, and personality, intelligence, and cuteness factors combine to create a one-of-a-kind puppy and dog for a lifetime of love and playfulness.

Rosie's pups are 10 weeks old today (March 20). Their 10 week weights are as follows:

  1. Stella   3 lb  
  2. Emmitt  went home
  3. Froddo 3lb  9 oz
  4. Teeny   2lb  4 oz

Numbers are listed on Photo Gallery along with pictures of each pup.


Dolly is in season and was bred 3/3/15 with Jack. We are expecting puppies about May 6.

As you can see Charley still loves to play with the puppies.  They all pile on top of him.